Joseph Thomas Austen Treffry (JT)

As you might guess from his picture, the 2nd person you meet is no longer with us. He would have been in his 40th year, in 1822 and was the Poldark of his time, in mid-Cornwall mining. If you liked that TV series you may enjoy his stories too, but be aware (as you see) he was not handsome, no Romeo, not married even. And for sure you would never see him bare-chested! No, he was the DYSON of his day and that is what makes him so fascinating. His field was mine and quarry engineering and surprisingly his biggest innovations were in green technology (STEM of waterwheels and hydro systems). This knowledge not only makes for fascinating life stories, but is also invaluable to us today, for planning our own sustainable energy.

There is a little more background about Treffry here

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