Courses for Teachers

We are offering 2 courses, during 2023. The first is a Mining Course for Summer Term and the 2nd is planned to enable a school to plan and deliver their own Ceremony of Climate Hope in the winter. Both courses have the same framework; first a visit to the Centre, 2nd an online session and lastly a visit of the group to one school, to observe and help with developing work of students.

If you would like to come and see the 1st ever Ceremony then please switch to, or simply send an email to request an invitation.

And if one or both of these courses catch your interest, again please do send an initial email and we can set up either a phone call or online session, to explain in greater detail and answer your questions. Thank you!

  1. Summer Term 2023 – a short course, ‘Exploring the STEM of local mines and quarries’


KS1 – Everyday materials, incl rocks

Year 3 – Rocks

Year 5 – Forces, levers, pulleys & gears

Also, reporting on findings from enquiries & using evidence to answer questions.


Develop an understanding of the craft of writing by engaging with a professional author and their processes.

This is a course, broken into 3 sessions, which allows teachers to grasp the mechanics of mines, quarries and other historic Cornish industries.

It is especially concerned with power from water – turning wheels or turbines and powering steam engines.

SESSION 1 – Week of April 24th, day tbc

Time 13.00 to 17.00 max

Visit to The Meadow Barns Centre, for a library session, followed by time around the Adventure Site and a medium length walk to the Mining World Heritage Site, with 10 stories on the way. This is a great introduction to the topics, but also explains how to make your own ‘Story Walk’ close by your school.

SESSION 2  – To be arranged online, in May. This will be a progress check and further support to plan your walk and stories.

SESSION 3 –  A visit to 1 of the schools in the project, to join their Story Walk + support to enable publication of books by the end of term. 

COSTS & other arrangements.

There is a limit of 8 vehicles on site, therefore we charge by the car, not per person. Please fill your car, possibly share with a neighbour school, and thus divide the cost, which is £300 for the whole course.

If you come by public transport or bike, it’s £175.

A medium level of mobility and fitness is needed for the walk.  

Hot drinks and miner’s sweet ‘mossels’ are included in the price, along with at least 1.5 hours of email & technical support. There is also an option to publish your finished book through our webshop.

Please check the films on our Youtube channel, to see samples of Story Walks on different history topics.