Adventure Site

Around the Meadow we have created activities, which resemble tasks undertaken by mine and/or quarry workers of the past. So, there are 2 areas of rocks where you go hunting as ‘Adventurers’, to see if there are any promising seams or veins of tin or copper. Then you might scrape in the gravel at the bottom of a water course (tin streaming), followed by a visit to the underground tunnel for an assessment of the business potential of 2 types of lithium.

Hunting for treasure in the stream
Crushing copper with big hammers
Making a viaduct in sugar cubes

‘Adventurer’ tasks were always undertaken by men or boys, but women and girls (Bal Maidens) were of great importance in mining too. Today we go out of our way to encourage girls to get involved in STEM challenges (science, technology, engineering and maths), which include design and construction tasks.

Crushing ore tends to be really popular with everyone, as it is so satisfying to mash rocks with sledge hammers, followed by a wash down with water to see if valuable minerals will float to the top.

For those who prefer not to get their hands dirty, the 12 ‘Story Stations’ illustrated by pictures and other displays offer an alternative type of engagement, though probably less memorable!