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The White Walk, from MEADOW BARNS through PENPELL WOODS

The eastern side paths of Luxulyan Valley, close to Meadow Barns, are less wide, less well-trodden than the main central paths and are mostly known and used by locals. At every point of interest, or change in direction a white sign, or white rope in a tree or other indication is waiting to point you on your way. This is your detective, clue-spotting challenge!

The white route takes about 1.5 hours and includes 10 stopping places for stories, as follows:-

  1. Overview of an ancient leat (waterway)
  2. A mid 19th century carriageway
  3. A dried out water ‘Holding Bason’
  4. A disused water turbine
  5. A tunnel through a gigantic rock
  6. A bench overlooking the Par canal
  7. A short climb on the inclined plane
  8. The largest set of archaeological remains, in a waterwheel pit
  9. A once-majestic waterfall
  10. A tin shaft with engine houses & water tunnel

Two more longer walks are available from the Meadow Barns Centre, one starting out to the big mine house in the east, down hill and back up through the woods; the other down to Ponts Mill and climbing gently beside Par River to the viaduct. You then return on a quiet country road.

Please note, if you lack confidence to explore in this way, remember you can call for help. OR pay to be accompanied the whole way.


The tales of Treffry also extend to other areas locally – Cam Bridges area of Luxulyan, Pontsmill to St. Blazey & Par, Tywardreath and Fowey. Email cjs@themeadowbarns.co.uk to receive notifications as these new Story Walk Book become available.

MAPS used are usually hand-drawn or edited photo-copies of either the 1840 tithe maps or the 1908 Ordnance Survey maps. These can alert you to what was happening at the time, rather than simply seeing the landscape of today.

And as a taster below, find a few sample pages, from the 2021 version of the stories around Par. Please note, this is no longer the format we are using, having made changes to be better suited for carrying in a ruck sack.

Stories of Par area, harbour, coast and canal