The eastern side paths of Luxulyan Valley, close to Meadow Barns, are mainly known and used by locals; as a result they tend to be less wide, less well-trodden than the main central paths. At every point of interest, or change in direction a white sign, or white rope in a tree or other indication is waiting to point you on your way. This is your detective, clue-spotting challenge!

The white route takes in the following: –

  • a mid 19th century carriageway and granite bridges
  • a hidden granite-lined tunnel
  • a tin shaft with engine houses
  • a dried-out leat path
  • a disused water turbine
  • a bench overlooking the canal
  • a section beside a tumbling stream and leat
  • a short climb on the inclined plane
  • the largest set of archaeological remains, in a waterwheel pit
  • a level walk on the upper tramway
  • an exploration above and below the famous viaduct
  • a muddy track along another tramway
  • a final section of walk on a country lane

Please note, if you lack confidence to explore in this way, please simply ask and you can be accompanied the whole way.


The tales of Treffry also extend to other areas locally – Cam Bridges area of Luxulyan, Pontsmill, St. Blazey, Par, Tywardreath and Fowey. Please read on for further details.

MAPS used are usually hand-drawn or edited photo-copies of either the 1840 tithe maps or the 1908 Ordnance Survey maps. These can alert you to what was happening at the time, rather than simply seeing the landscape of today.

As of Autumn 2021, packs of maps and images are loaned to groups walking from the Meadow Barns. We hope to be selling packs, including the other Treffry walk options, next season.

See below, maps and photos (c) Caroline Stephenson 2021 …

Walks in Fowey area, which go with stories in Episode 1

Walks in Par area, harbour, coast and canal, which go with Episode 3

Walks from Meadow Barns in Episodes 2, 4, 5 and 6