The Meadow Barns is headquarters for a movement called ‘Climate Hope’,

which is

  • underpinned by deep research
  • brought to life by creative people
  • grounded in local community and
  • culminates in events and/or publications of colour, vibrancy and an infectious sense of fun!

It felt more creative, and like I could do what I wanted to do. It wasn’t ever boring”

“It felt more special than school because I had my family learning with me”

2 volunteers make a pledge for the future
Bishop Philip at the 1st Lanlivery Ceremony


This is our new concept, developed and tested during 2023. Although the very first Ceremony 4 Climate Hope was planned and delivered for a local school, it soon became clear that it was a one-off absolutely unique achievement. Thank you Red Moor school.

As we attempted to develop the model with other schools, they kept dropping by the way-side and always with the same reason – ‘we simply cannot squeeze in Climate Education and Creativity to an already over-filled curriculum … not to mention the numerous other demands raised by the cost-of-living crisis’.

Our answer to this was planning and delivering a whole week of holiday activities in a local town, Lostwithiel, during the October half term. This was huge fun and involved around 70 people and many local businesses in the run up, although the Ceremony itself was quite small.

For 2024 we are in the process of replacing this webpage, with one that will more easily share the ever-changing news of our activities. Until then here is a summary of what is coming up next:

We are delighted the next Ceremony will celebrate CHINESE NEW YEAR in TRURO

For a month now we have been working in collaboration with County Councillor Rob Nolan & – more recently – the Mayor. Thank you both for your support. The venues hosting us have been equally brilliant, that’s the Moresk Centre led by Michelle and the Pydar Pop-Up, led by Charlotte of Salt Projects Ltd. And a team of our own usual volunteers (wonderful people!) along with Mid Cornwall Climate and Eco Hub helpers have made it all come together. Last, but not least, we could not have delivered the cooking sessions without advice and ingredients from the Thai and Asian Food Store & Truro Co-op, so thank you everyone for the part you have paid. All we need now is participants, for those 5 great Dragons!


To appreciate how past Ceremonies went please see the films on our YouTube channel

or sign up now as a blog reader (another topic you will find under Climate Hope) and use the archive to read of the great successes we had and keep abreast of what is coming next.

CLOSER TO HOME – Where to find us and the benefits of visiting

Perched high on ‘Penpillick Hill’ a few miles north of its famous big cousin, the Eden Project, the Meadow enjoys ever-changing, beautiful views of St Austell Bay, some of which are shared in the slider above. This in itself is a great way to lift the spirits, at this time of so much anxiety and turbulence in the world.

The buildings were consciously planned and the site landscaped to showcase innovative, often recycled materials and to illustrate a range of sustainable energy systems. Read the story of the construction phase (2017 – 2019) under Climate Hope/Green Build. Arrange a visit, personalised for you and your family, school or organisation, to learn and feel empowered, knowing all the ways you could help yourselves, others and the planet face the challenges of climate change.

Main cottage, before
and after

Never forget what history can teach us – learn from the past to create a better future

Pre-pandemic the intention was for Meadow Barns to focus on water energy (hydro) and tell the stories of a previous Green Hero, Joseph Treffry, who lived 200 years ago. These Tales we continue to share at every opportunity on ‘Story Walks’ and events through the summer, which our guests greatly enjoy. As a team of 3 (see About Us) we will never cease our attempts to get the Luxulyan Valley hydro restored to working operation. We also are engaged in the early stages of opening up a historic granite quarry, to provide learning in an outdoor setting of a Temperate Rainforest and a woodland classroom.

You will find pictures and more information about the local history, by selecting OUTDOORS or find 2 lovely films on YouTube that can explain better than any words: –

WORDS from a past visitor, on their family water wheels STORY WALK ADVENTURE, 2021:-

A totally unique experience. Caroline’s attention to detail and passion make this a truly lovely adventure. Hot pasties and hot chocolate were waiting for us on our return, accompanied by a glimpse into history with Caroline’s amazing storytelling skills. The walk itself – even being lost for a little time – was totally awe inspiring. We both loved every minute and if there was an annual Pass to Meadow Barns we’d definitely get one. One day was definitely not enough and we will return!

Finally, those practical things that real matter e.g. 1) HEALTH and SAFETY

The site is fully insured, with additional cover for Caroline as an approved official valley guide. Please select the topics, plus any food choices and length of walk in advance, so the team can plan what is best to match your interests, your fitness & your budget. Describe your group & your needs using the ‘What we Offer’ Enquiry Form at the top of this home page.

River-side route in the valley
Our largest ever audience – 37 people for a story!


For a snack break (in Cornwall we call it ‘Crib Time’) we are happy that you bring your own food and tea or coffee bags and use our tea urn & milk. Or you can pre-order and pay for Miner’s ‘Sweet Mossels’ (morsels of saffron & yeast buns and hevva cake) or Pasties (pork and apple, steak, vegetable, or vegan bean and vegs). Please email your request in advance.

Sweet ‘Mossels’
Miner’s pasty


A magical day out with a wonderful guide and host. Our 4 year old had a brilliant time! David Morgan

Fascinating to gain this understanding of
renewable energy and see such positive steps towards a sustainable future.
Amanda Penk

This is our 3rd visit! The centre is a favourite place for us, where we can help our grand children learn so much – history, fitness & how to be responsible green citizens. Roger Larham

The ‘Old Days’ – Meadow Barns Centre with Larham grand children, in 2018!