WELCOME to The Meadow Barns, Cornwall – a home of nature, green energy and rich mining history. Come and spend a few hours looking out over St Austell Bay as we tailor a visit to your interests – choose from exhilarating historical stories, interactive experiences and/or walks in Luxulyan Valley.

The Meadow is a small but beautiful field, full of wildflower banks and imaginative mining displays. Our position on the edge of the Mining World Heritage Site (WHS), is a perfect starting point for walks with many hidden secrets in the landscape. Every visit here is different and pre-planned to suit the interests and needs of the group. We will cook you up a recipe for an unforgettable day. To find out more click Intro below, which takes you to VISIT US. Then go directly to the Plan a Visit page.


We have many years experience working with young people and have created a framework for educational visits, that fully prepares a group before they go on a guided walk. Find out more under https://themeadowbarns.co.uk/education/.


Through the centuries, mine engineers have achieved great things, inventing and driving machines with different types of power. In the copper era, most of the work was done by water, either driving wheels or in a steam engine. Old water wheels are ripe for being restored and used again to generate green energy. Also, today mines are being used for lithium, geo-thermal heating and other green initiatives. Our green future grows from our past. If this is your interest, please visit the Green Campaigns section and the Green Fridays Blog.

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Caroline is seen here in 2017, on the Meadow Barns site, planning the green energy for her new eco-build (as illustrated in Green Build).

Her passion is local history and promoting green energy solutions, empowering people in order to help address their climate depression and anxiety. Her energy and enthusiasm, along with the view, really help people feel better!


Most of the questions you can think of are answered in the Visit Us section or within the Enquiry Form, but the most frequent ones we hear are about food. For a snack break (in Cornwall we call it ‘Crib Time’) we are happy that you bring your own food and tea or coffee bags and use our tea urn & milk. Or you can pre-order and pay for Miner’s Snack bags, of ‘Sweet Mossels’ (morsels of saffron buns and hevva cake) or Pasties (pork and apple, or vegan bean and vegs).

Sweet ‘Mossels’
Miner’s pasty

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A magical day out with a wonderful guide and host.

Our 4 year old had a brilliant time! David Morgan

Studying viaduct construction on a guided walk

Fascinating to gain this understanding of
renewable energy and see such positive steps towards a sustainable future.





This is our 3rd visit! The centre is a favourite place for us, where we can help our grand children learn so much – fitness, camping, history & how to be responsible green citizens. Roger Larham

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