Just north of the Eden Project, overlooking St Austell Bay, The Meadow Barns is a unique and special place, steeped in mining history, where past, present and future all come together in vivid, powerful stories.


Come to learn about Green Build techniques and hear our first stories, in the HOUSE of GREEN PLAY!

This is a brand new activity, specially designed for families with pre-school age children.

In a 45 minute session it involves mixing clay and plastering onto straw bale walls, building with foam blocks and powering the houses with wind or water turbines.

The main tale that goes with this is ‘The 3 Little Pigs’ re-written with a modern twist (straw is good!)

After a few more stories on site and a snack break you will continue with a ‘STORY WALK ADVENTURE’ in the wooded water-wheel valley.

This half day visit costs £36 for up to 6 participants. Longer learning sessions with more grown up content start at £45.

Too much money? Read on for a £5 option!


Despite the baking weather, Caroline is slaving over a hot computer as she prepares for the start up of Meadow Barns online book shop. This will be a great way for anyone to enjoy a STORY WALK ADVENTURE, paying £5 and downloading everything they need to a home printer or phone. The first publication, Tales of Treffry Episode 1, describes a circular route around Fowey with 10 short stories or poems to read aloud. Alternatively, you will be able to buy the audio tracks to play on another phone. Very soon we will have a film here, to help you understand the fun that can be had by a family or group of friends.

In the meantime, please also read about the other way to receive stories and sound tracks – it is by becoming a member of the Hearts of Green Gang! There is a film about this, along with an opportunity for child illustrators here https://themeadowbarns.co.uk/green-campaigns/


Family group sharing Treffry stories, at the viaduct in Luxulyan Valley

Visitor description of a STORY WALK ADVENTURE – A totally unique experience. Caroline’s attention to detail and passion make this a truly lovely adventure. My daughter and I are both novices and got lost – nothing was too much trouble for Caroline and she came out to find us! Hot pasties and hot chocolate were waiting for us on our return, accompanied by a glimpse into history with Caroline’s amazing storytelling skills. The walk itself – even being lost – was totally awe inspiring. We both loved every minute and if there was an annual Pass to Meadow Barns we’d definitely get one. One day was definitely not enough and we will return!


If you choose to buy a learning session, then your visit is a crowd-free, private time with the centre owner, Caroline Stephenson, who is a fully insured, official valley guide. We need you to select the learning session, any food choices and length of walk in advance, so we can plan what is best to match your interests, your fitness & your budget. Tell us about your group & your needs in an email to cjs@themeadowbarns.co.uk or a text to Caroline – 07967 653346.

River-side route in the valley
Our largest ever audience – 37 people for a story!


For a snack break (in Cornwall we call it ‘Crib Time’) we are happy that you bring your own food and tea or coffee bags and use our tea urn & milk. Or you can pre-order and pay for Miner’s Snack bags, of ‘Sweet Mossels’ (morsels of saffron buns and hevva cake) or Pasties (pork and apple, steak, vegetable, or vegan bean and vegs). Each bag with a drink costs £5.

Sweet ‘Mossels’
Miner’s pasty


The same ingredients of a preliminary learning session, followed by snack break with planning of the walk and choice of stories, is adapted to whole classes by dividing the students into small teams. With an adult to accompany each team, a short or longer walk follows, with or without a story-teller/guide. All aspects of the visit are pre-planned to tie in with age, ability, interests, current curriculum topics and projects. Play the films under https://themeadowbarns.co.uk/education/ to hear from a school that came in 2020, and made a film for COP26.


Through the centuries, mine engineers have achieved great things, inventing and driving machines with different types of sustainable power. We can see that our Green Future Actions could grow from the past; this is what we are working towards. If this is your interest, please visit the Green Campaigns section and the Green Fridays Blog.

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Caroline is seen here in 2017, on the Meadow Barns site, planning the green energy for her new eco-build (as illustrated in Green Build).

At a time of ever-increasing climate anxiety, her energy and enthusiasm, along with the view, really help people feel better!

Her main message is ‘learn from the past, to plan a greener future’.

If you have a house to build, or retro-fit this practical advice could be invaluable.

SOCIAL MEDIA https://www.facebook.com/meadowbarns AND https://www.facebook.com/luxulyanvalleystories

Green Fridays Instagram https://www.instagram.com/greenfridayscornwall/?hl=en


A magical day out with a wonderful guide and host. Our 4 year old had a brilliant time! David Morgan

Fascinating to gain this understanding of
renewable energy and see such positive steps towards a sustainable future.
Amanda Penk

This is our 3rd visit! The centre is a favourite place for us, where we can help our grand children learn so much – fitness, camping, history & how to be responsible green citizens. Roger Larham