Membership, revised June 2023

This area of the website is for any individual who shares Caroline’s enthusiasm for helping the planet. Or to put it another way, people with a ‘heart of green!’

There is a separate page for School Members under Education.


It is 2023 and our world is changing fast! And with the changes come new expectations for humanity, challenging us as individuals, families and organisations.

Not long ago we could make personal choices, hopefully with consideration for other people, but not having to factor in thoughts for our landscapes, natural resources, wild creatures and health of the planet. Today our decisions must be taken more responsibly, with all of those extra dimensions in mind. It is a huge and complex area, full of technology and statistics, swirling in a fog of ‘greenwash’. Where can one turn for help?

At The Meadow Barns Centre we identify and sign up members, to join an expanding group of contributors, all of us dedicated to helping navigate through the complexities. We have pinned ‘Climate Hope’ firmly into the Sat Nav for the future journey of humanity and call on all who have a ‘Heart of Green’ to come on board by signing up each summer, for the following 12 months.


We have set out Member Donation buttons at different prices below. If any person or small organisation cannot afford to donate, that’s fine; there will always be a free blog and other regular free offers.

Please use one or more buttons, to support as you wish. No one will question if an individual starts to donate under the group or family membership, or does not donate at all.

GREEN FRIDAYS BLOG Suggested Donation, £5

We currently have just over 200 subscribers, from all around the UK plus a handful of international readers. The content of past blogs may be browsed if you find the Blog Archive below. If – having seen the content – you would like to, please sign up and donate. £5 for the year breaks down to about 10p per week – you can’t buy much for that amount these days!

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP Suggested Donation, £15

This is a great option if you live in Cornwall, or you would like to book our limited availability accommodation options and stay a few days.

The membership entitles you to one free half day visit, with time in the library, around the site and a medium walk. You can also join our activity days to learn about heritage research and rescue.

All members also receive a 20% discount on Story Walk publications. Other extras are always possible, just use the What we Offer button to make contact.


When you make your £30 Donation and give an email address you will immediately receive an introductory package of the following:-

a) A link to Green Fridays blog b) A questionnaire to help us plan your personalised programme. Soon after this you will receive either a Story Walk book and sound tracks or other relevant publications.

Through the rest of the year any bookings or purchases will come to you with a 20% Member’s discount.


There is no fixed fee for this category. As an example, 2 local pubs just purchased their own bespoke set of Treffry Tales and walks, on display boards to hang on the wall. They paid £45 each. If they also decide to project the tales via a TV that will require an additional purchase of a licence.


Every relationship in this category is bespoke, slightly different from the next. If you are an expert with services to offer, we would love to hear about your skills and experience, plus the terms/input you can offer.


Due for release ready for Christmas 2023, HEARTS of GREEN GUIDE to building greener homes

The rhyming text of the first part of this story book for young children is finished and ready for proof-reading. But that is not the end of the job. Last autumn we started working with young people of primary or pre-school age who have created images that will be incorporated into the final book. While this work unfolds, Caroline is working on Part 2 for adults, which has a focus on building with maximum insulation, retro-fitting & sustainable energy systems.

Artist in Cornwall
Artist at Cambridge Climate Zero
Another from Cambridge

OLDER CAMPAIGNS of Spring 22 with updates

  1. A government petition, in support of hydro and requesting an inquiry into all options for water-based energy systems across England and Wales. This is now a live campaign, which we hope you will visit and sign – it will only take a moment.

2023 Update – unfortunately we did not make the number of signatures needed for a government response.

2. A campaign to create a Lo-MEGG or Local Mining Energy Group and Grid. This is for the specific area, in which Meadow Barns Centre is situated, called Penpillick and aims to use warm water from mine shafts, boosted by other sustainable inputs, to create power for this locality.

2023 Update – A long term collaboration is being built, with Exeter University and their Deep Digital Cornwall section. They have advised us to apply to a different grant. We hope to involve their highly skilled team in preparing Episode 2 of Treffry Tales, which will be published as a Story Walk Adventure. The main book will again be a collection of short stories and poems, but if possible we will add a more technically advanced STEM Supplement, with 3D designs of the Fowey Consols mine area and buildings.


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A top priority at Meadow Barns is to engage young people in this ‘Heart of Green’ operation. For those in the age bracket of 6 to 15 years we will help with applications for a Blue Peter green badge, giving advice on the certificate/badge system and free worksheets to help compile evidence.


Although many visitors want to arrive in a car, we encourage people to think about coming by public transport. A 28 bus comes to the end of our lane from which it is a short walk to the centre. When possible one of the team will collect visitors from the nearest train station.

Get involved

Book your visit to the Centre and talk to Caroline in person. Or call her on 07967 653346.