Green Campaigns

This area of the website is for anyone who shares Caroline’s enthusiasm for helping the planet. Or to put it another way, people with a ‘heart of green!’

This is a place for fresh ideas, which can form the basis of practical projects to really make a difference.

UPDATE April 2022

We have prioritised 2 campaigns to work on through the rest of this year.

  1. A government petition, in support of hydro and requesting an inquiry into all options for water-based energy systems across England and Wales. This is now a live campaign, which we hope you will visit and sign – it will only take a moment.

  1. A campaign to create a Lo-MEGG or Local Mining Energy Group and Grid. This is for the specific area, in which Meadow Barns Centre is situated, called Penpillick and aims to use warm water from mine shafts, boosted by other sustainable inputs, to create power for this locality.


A dedicated page for each of these campaigns.

BLOG After a break during our Winter season closure, the Blog is coming back at the start of March 2022. It is in a simpler format, so that Caroline, or other contributors, can spend more time on research and writing, less time on design. Hopefully this will also make it easier to open and read on all types of devices.

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A top priority at Meadow Barns is to engage young people in this ‘Heart of Green’ operation. For those in the age bracket of 6 to 15 years we will help with applications for a Blue Peter green badge, giving advice on the certificate/badge system and free worksheets to help compile evidence.


Another big concern is traffic, especially locally in Luxulyan Valley. Please use Google map, find Meadow Barns centre PL24 2SA and park here. Better for the environment and better for your health and fitness.

To get involved

Book your visit to the Centre and talk to Caroline in person. Or call her on 07967 653346.