School Packages

Early Years weighing a granite rock
Graduate & teacher testing water wheels

Gone are the days when most schools could afford transport and spare a number of staff to go out on regular educational visits. We recognise that it is a Big Ask, which is why we have on offer bespoke packages for any school or pre-school that wants to work on STEM and Arts on their own grounds or in their local area.

The image below explains our 2 pathways, and also mentions our hope that more schools will sign up to use the Blog and pay a donation accordingly.


The following 3 films, made with Gorran Primary School, give a sense of the excellent team-work that can develop during the day.

Rocks and Ores come first in our research.

Wheels and mine machines, driven by water come next

We always look forward as well as back, to help achieve a greener future.

After the practical challenges comes a quieter period of listening to stories, often with a song, in the shed. We encourage everyone to have a substantial snack at this time, in readiness for the walk to come.

The miners’ shed with fire pit
Make a viaduct arch


We can accommodate 2 mini-buses and a couple of staff cars and the good news is – for primary schools it may be possible to receive funding assistance towards transport costs from the Cornwall Heritage Trust.

If you prefer to book a full-size bus for a class, the activities can only begin and end at Ponts Mill public car park. You will then walk to Meadow Barns for a long lunch stop and on through the woods for the afternoon. With advance notice we can also make a plan for limited mobility students, who normally would join in for the shed stories and be driven to the valley car park, where there is a new wheel-chair friendly path below the viaduct.