School Visits

Early Years weighing granite

Graduate & teacher testing water wheels

Learning here is very different from school. No desks and chairs, no computers. When Caroline tells the lively tales of an 1820s Green Hero, Mr. J.T. Austen Treffry, it is as much about entertainment as education. This is a time simply to sit back and enjoy; then (if you like) become a character for a little while – a mining lad or maiden, a ‘project manager’ or priest.

Dressing up corner
Mr. J. T. Austen Treffry

Everything happens outdoors or in an open-fronted classroom, where you can join in practical team challenges or get messy playing with rocks, ore, water and fire. Even the most complex engineering concepts can be quickly grasped this way.

Junior age workshops
The miners’ shed with fire pit
1800s STEM = Hydro


The best size to work with is half a class = 1 mini bus, or (with sufficient staff in attendance) it is also feasible to involve a whole class (see Transport advice, below).

Each visit is very much tailored to the needs of the group, so that we can give targeted help to young people requiring a ‘re-set’ after home learning and lock-downs. The length of day will be a maximum of 5 hours, including a long walk, for those of sufficient stamina/fitness. You may choose to specialise in any curriculum area, either historic, creative, STEM or Green Awareness. A PDF, to enable follow-up work, and worksheets for the Blue Peter Green badge, will be included in the agreed price (starts from £160).

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Transport-wise, ideally we prefer to accommodate just 1 mini-bus. For a whole class, on a full-size bus, the activities can only begin and end at Ponts Mill public car park, so you will walk to Meadow Barns for a long lunch stop and on through the woods for the afternoon. With advance notice we can also welcome wheel chair or limited mobility students, who normally would join in for the lunchtime only.

For primary schools it may be possible to receive funding assistance towards transport costs from the Cornwall Heritage Trust.

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