Caroline Stephenson

is the owner/director. She is a very vibrant lady, fizzing with enthusiasm and plans to help the planet in these challenging times of climate change.

from Music Teacher to Eco Nutcase, quite a journey!

A teacher by profession, Caroline is also highly creative, writing songs and stories mostly with younger ages in mind. In 1999 she published a very popular illustrated children’s guide to the eclipse, lots of STEM through a story called Moon’s Special Day. This was her first writing success, combining fact with imaginary characters. Since then her stories always have that same sense of focus on real people and real lives, expanded in a style that is imaginative, lively and fun. But with mining and quarrying involved, sometimes there are darker and more spiritual undertones too.

New Focus

From 2017 Caroline’s life changed completely. She retired from teaching, put on the wellies and began work on her Green Build. Since then she has been determined to share her knowledge and keep adding to it, through research and writing. She is available for workshops and talks, and last year was delighted to be engaged by her ‘alma mater’ university, Cambridge, to visit and deliver Early Years workshops for their Climate Zero conference – read about this and more projects of 2022 in the Green Fridays blog.

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