‘The Hearts of Green’ membership


We are offering ‘The Hearts of Green’ membership – an opportunity to join a growing group of ecologically and historically aware supporters. Pay £15 for 12 months for the big list of benefits below. Or, if you are an expert with services to offer, we would love to hear from you with slightly different terms on offer.


  • Permission for you or your guests to book our rather lovely, low price accommodation options, which are currently reserved only for students and staff of Eden Project Learning. The demand for Eden tends to be at the start of a week, often leaving rooms vacant from Wednesday to Saturday nights.
  • Choice of 2 x £5 value products from the online book shop, which will be emailed directly to you (thus avoiding VAT and other charges). If you choose print versions, rather than audio, you can ask for your family or business name on the front cover, including a small logo or other image.
  • One free visit to Meadow Barns, parking for up to 4 hours and borrowing a Story Walk Adventure book from the library of Treffry. Caroline will start you off on the walk, telling the first 2 stories for you.
  • Delivery of the Green Fridays blog, to your computer or phone, each week. (Currently this is free to anyone who signs up, but it will become members only at some point).
  • 10 % off any professional fees, e.g. for Green Future action planning, or an annual Green Health check, or a personalised learning session. Our local experts charge a variety of hourly fees, but an average is £45. With your discount – £40.50


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