GF Blog 23 – Week 15a

12th May BLOG in 2 parts this time. 15A, is a dip into some podcasts. 15B coming later = the more usual words and images edition.

I blame the King! Another 4 day week, preceded by a very full Coronation weekend, meant not enough time to prep the ingredients, put things together and slow-cook in the way that a good blog write up really needs.

But there was another call on my time mid-week, which contributed to the delay as well.

On Tuesday at breakfast time I was delighted to be a guest on Radio Cornwall, just a short piece arising from the free Taster Days on offer via Eventbrite next week. After this I got some lovely feedback from local historians, which felt good. Within a couple of hours came a phone call, saying we have a big space to fill tomorrow, would you like to be our BIG GUEST? I quipped, I am not that big a lady, but yes I think it might be nice to talk for longer. So another 24 hours was devoted to getting that one ready and driving to Truro.

The 18 minutes or so flew by, whilst Julie asked me some really probing questions about the journey I have travelled to develop the centre and become Caroline 4 Climate Hope! These 2 are available if you scroll on down, or avoidable if you prefer!

Back from Truro, if I expected a rest on Wednesday afternoon, I could not have been more wrong! I ran right into a 3rd protracted interview with my son and his team who are, researching for their project – a University of Exeter Lithium debate through theatre and film. My colleague David was here, having put the final touches to our beautiful new outdoor displays, some of which you can see above. He spoke for easily an hour or more, then I took over and guided the team into the woods with another chance to explain how the water energy used to work and might be brought back to life again soon.

You could keep an eye on that project using the link below.


I hope you will want to listen to some, though probably not all, of these 3 sound recordings. The reason being not only for the content, but to give honest feedback. Everyone hates their own voice, don’t they? I cannot be objective enough myself, but would it be better in any ways if I stopped writing and just talked once a week? I guess it might save me a little bit of time, but that is not the point. It is about future planning and my top choice would be to write an ordinary blog, words and pictures, which would go out one day, with a much shorter radio piece about the highlights afterwards – in other words a regular spot of ‘Climate Hope’ for listeners.

Once I have your comments on this, I will be making some offers – one to a newspaper for a written summary version and the other back to Radio Cornwall. This amount of work has to start reaching more people, or it doesn’t make sense! As reader, Roger told me just last weekend ‘the intellectual level of what you put out is at least on a par with the Masters level students, whose work I regularly proof read for the Eden Project courses. The way you evaluate and extrapolate solutions amazes me!’.


There are 2 embedded sound files here (for my interviews) plus a 3rd that I highly recommend, but which is 45 minutes long. I got it whilst researching a hot topic of the week, the National Grid. On Radio 5 Deborah Meedhan interviews a number of guests about this on the BIG GREEN MONEY SHOW (another Big slot!).

I personally need to spend more time getting into that show, because clearly it is a very useful set of resources. However, no matter how good the content, I think 5 minutes is more suited to most busy people; 15 perhaps if there is more to debate and someone else asking the questions. What do you think?

Do please use the Comments box or send an email to say, what your preferences will be for the future.



Beavers and other content should be out on Sunday.


On 16th to 18th May, there will be a series of 3 days for Members at the centre, who need only to call or email, plus people who run a business or represent a member organisation close by – Fowey, PL24, Luxulyan, Lanlivery and Lostwithiel are the catchments.

To book, they should simply go to a new page on Eventbrite

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