Climate Hope – Intro and 1st event

Today the word ‘Climate’ is most often associated with either ‘Emergency’ or ‘Catastrophe’ – both words that are chosen quite deliberately, to deliver a sense of fear and panic. But, our mission at The Meadow Barns is to convey the opposite – calm reflection, study of the natural world and a seeking out of hopeful stories. This is what underpins everything we do.

1st event #Ceremony4ClimateHope

At last the day dawned – Thursday 30th March 2023 at the parish church in Lanlivery, Cornwall.

As if answering our call, after weeks of rain and gales our Cornish micro-climate responded; the sun peeped through clouds at precisely the moment when the Bishop of Truro was ready to begin his procession, behind Jon, the young Piper.

Louise, our artist, & Hilke from the choir, share the light of hope

Never having met or spoken with the Bishop, I had no idea how he might respond to this occasion, which (after much thought) I chose to describe as a ‘Collaborative Experiment’, certainly not a Service nor a Performance. In all honesty his open-hearted, generous and fun-filled response was astonishing and made all the difference.

Modelled on the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony, Red Moor School, Bodmin Community College and the creative team of the Meadow Barns Centre, had created a world of colour, movement and sound for which the invited guests were wholly unprepared.

The Bishop taps time with his staff, to drum up the rain during the procession of African Animals.

I think this picture is a great representation of the whole event. We have a group of people who have never met, or rehearsed until the day (not ideal!), drawn from the school staff and students, the Revd Sheila at the front and various other volunteers from the choir. At first they walk, then ‘shake out’ their bodies and finally do a simple stomping progression forward.

There is much more I could share, including text of the Bishop’s address, where he dipped into the props box to hold up an old sock, followed by a tennis ball! But the major thing is to copy and paste comments, from the school, the singers and the church team. In a week or 2 we will share a diagram to show how other communities can catch the ball and keep running with it. An end of summer term event, or one to tie with Harvest Festival perhaps? Leave a comment and we will respond with all the help you need.

Taking the old service of Christingle
and transforming to something new
Reminding us, Harvest Festival & 9 Lessons and Carols
started in Cornwall. Let’s get this ball rolling for our times.

FEEDBACK received since the event

A great and innovative event – I loved the description ‘collaborative experiment’- I think it was! We will see you as a group, when we visit soon, I hope. From Chrys at Climate Action St Austell.

The Climate Event was absolutely outstanding. So informative, inspirational and dynamic. Such a collaborative experience, the synergy was electrifying. I am sure that what took place in Lanlivery yesterday will travel far and wide. You have a product that needs to be shared.

On behalf of the church and Lanlivery Community it is an absolute pleasure and privilege to be involved in the magic and amazing enrichment that is taking place at Red Moor School. From Mark Steer.

You should be rightly proud to have brought so many people together for such an inspirational event.  Well done. From Lyn Briggs, St Winnow.

I just wanted to pass on my thanks and gratitude to you both for involving us in the Climate Ceremony and Bishop’s visit today. The children have got such a lot out of the experience, and it was so lovely to hear all the positive comments about the school and the children and the positive impact they are having. Things like this really make a difference for our children in feeling truly welcomed, accepted, part of a community and valued – we really cannot thank you enough for being so accommodating of them and us.

I have copied in our governor that came along today. She is based in a similar school in Somerset and would be keen to make some connections and look to see if something similar can be established at her school and with her community.     

Thank you again – I look forward to the next collaboration!  From Laura Horne, HEAD TEACHER at Red Moor School, Lanlivery.  

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