Stories are a great way to experience what life was like in times gone by. Either by reading or listening to stories told aloud, you should be able to visualise the world as people experienced it then … hear the sounds, smell the smells, see the sights.

At Meadow Barns we tell 30 Tales of Treffry, set out in different Episodes –

  1. Fowey Tales – from 1800 to 1821

2. Fowey Consols Mine Tales – from 1822 – 1868

3. Tales of Green Energy & Machines – from 1822 to today & tomorrow

4. Tales of a Harbour and Canal at Par – from 1828 to today & tomorrow

5. Tales of Quarries and Legacies near Luxulyan – from 1838 to 1960s

6. Tales of Trams and Trains, from Par to Newquay – 1820 to 2020

Coming soon, recordings and films of stories being told.

And due to be published May 2022, the complete book ‘Tales of Treffry’ with accompanying walk packs.