Stories past

Our stories cover a period of history from late 18th century through to early 20th, with a main focus on Treffry’s most productive period, from 1822 to 1850.

This gives us the title codes TT, for Treffry Tales.  TT1 for Episode 1, through to Episode 6 and each is linked with a different walk location.

Treffry Tales Episodes

  1. A circular route through the ancient town of Fowey, with 10 stopping points and 10 stories. Available now (September 2022).
  2. Two different circular walks from Tywardreath, one to the north exploring the Fowey Consols mines, the other going due east to Golant. The stories are all about people, who made the mines successful. Available spring 2023, with additional supplement of underground images.
  3. All of the walks around Meadow Barns, with stories that concentrate on waterwheels and other types of mining machinery. Available now (September 2022).
  4. A number of short walks in and around Par and St. Blazey, concentrating on the history and development of Par Canal and Harbour.
  5. A circular walk from Bridges, Luxulyan with a major focus on Charlestown Leat, Carmears Leat, viaduct and quarries in the latter 19th century.
  6. A series of walks from different GWR stations between Par and Newquay, mostly concentrating on Treffry’s role in railway and truck design, and as Chairman of Cornwall Railway Company.


Combining story telling with a walk is a great idea, but a few points need to be borne in mind:-

  • With 10 tales plus some introduction and ending materials in each Episode, the stories must be kept really short, 500 words max.
  • The size of text has to be big enough, for easy reading. A printed A4 version in font 17 or 18 is really comfortable. On a phone will be trickier.

Whether in a printed out format or on a phone, there needs to be rain resilience! This film describes the various options.  

In the run up to launch of a new Episode, we will publish a summary of the content and a 30 sec Snippet of film. Here are the first 2.

FOWEY WALK STORY LOCATIONS  Cemetery, Field behind North Street, Wooden door to Place, Church, DD Landing spot, Albert Quay, Caffa Mill, Station Road, Station Wood x 2.

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MEADOW BARNS WHITE WALK Start at the centre, then into Penpell Wood, walk the carriageway, dry leat path and water ‘Holding Bason’, turbine mechanism, leat, tunnel through Carmears Rock, bench with views to the coast, Carmears Incline, waterwheel pit, waterfalls, 2 tin mine shafts and a small water tunnel.

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