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With a very deliberate focus on being suitable for the much younger reader/listener, these publications combine a 1st part, based on a folk, traditional or nursery tale, with a 2nd part, of more grown-up content.

Due in our online shop in time for Christmas, the first book is a re-imagining of the 3 Little Pigs and includes illustrations by young artists. The 2nd part is devoted to best insulation options and up to date news on all types of sustainable energy provision and storage.

A few lines of QUOTES from the child’s section: –

Whether wolf or tornado is howling at your door, you’ll be safe & cosy in your straw house, for sure!

Natural power from weather is a brilliant way, but it will change from day to day  …

Direct wind or water to turn a blade – and be thankful for the power that nature has made!  

Draft front cover
3 Pigs template created in Lostwithiel by Artist FREDO
Wolf template created in Lanlivery by Artist LUCA

Please send a text or email ( if you would like to place a pre-order.

The details will be:-

ITEM CODE Green GuidesPublish DATESDESCRIPTIONONLINE  PRICE includes VAT & charges
HG1:- PDF1/12/22Hearts of Green Guide to making greener homes.  Part 1- 3 Little Pigs; Part 2 Adults£8
HG1:- Audio A1/12/22First part of audio tracks£4
HG1:- Audio B1/12/22Second part of audio tracks£4

And due out in 2023

ITEM CODE Green GuidesPublish DATESDESCRIPTIONONLINE  PRICE includes VAT & charges
HG2:- PDF1/03/23Hearts of Green Guide to a greener life style with This little piggy went to market and other nursery tales £8
HG2:- Audio A  £4
HG2:- Audio B  £4