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Are you in Cornwall? Want a visit right away? Or for a special date in future? Please first of all select the best package from those below then give a quick call to 07967 653346 so we can be sure of all your needs and confirm your booking.

Most packages involve a charge for parking one vehicle, with up to 6 people in it and 2 dogs as the maximum. It is the same price, whether 1 person or more so do please fill you car up as that is best for the planet and for your purse! It costs just £10 per hour and the different packages are designed to match the interests, ages and fitness of different groups. There is also an option to make your own bespoke version.

Not in Cornwall? That is fine as you do not need to be here physically to get involved. We have members all over the country now, following the blog and receiving our digital story publications direct to their In-boxes. We are also interested in adding more professionals to our team. So please tell us who you are and how you would like to participate.

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PACKAGE 1   One Car for 1 hour, £10

Our charges are always for a car with up to a max of 6 people and 2 dogs. Anyone arriving on foot, cycle or public transport may request 20% discount.

This package is for one or 2 people who only wish to go in the library for private study. We expect it will be for those dedicated to research of a particular local history topic. Or perhaps people who already have one of our publications and would like to read from the source materials or watch a film or 2.


– In April/May 2023 there will be a few FREE taster days for local families and businesses, by invitation. Send an email if you feel you have a good reason to be included.

PACKAGE 2  One Car for 1.5 hours,£15

1.5 hours is a good length for a family with small children (up to 6 people n total), who will love the messy play around our Adventure Site and in the House of Green Play.

This will include a story of the 3 Little Pigs of Penpell, helping to make a straw bale house, drawing some pictures, crushing copper ore and dressing up as mining characters of the past.


From time to time we offer FREE taster days, for this age group, Keep an eye on Facebook for notifications. Reduce the cost by taking the No, 28 bus and walking here.

One Car for 2 hours, £20

This is a sensible choice for a family that is keen to visit the World Heritage Site but not able to walk very far.

You will have a short presentation in the library, and a snack break followed by a brief look around the Adventure Site displays. Then a guide will start you off on a walk and you will continue your visit to a 19th century tin mine & historic water power system (hydro).


Join as a Member, costing £15 annually, then this family visit comes for FREE!

PACKAGE 4 One car for 2.5 hours, £25

This is a good option for a family that regularly goes on walks, perhaps with their own dog(s), tackling hillsides and bumpy paths. After a short presentation (see Package 3) you will be able to choose one of our main Story Walk routes, on the eastern side of Luxulyan Valley. You will be accompanied at first then follow the handbook on your own, in the knowledge you can phone with an SOS, in event of an accident or getting lost. The route will be circular, and along the way will be 10 story stops and clues to look for.


From time to time we run FREE Research Walks. This is when you will test out a future route and stories with us. Keep an eye on Meadow Barns FB for these offers.

PACKAGE 5 One Car for 3 hours, £30

Similar to Package 4 but this one involves going to the iconic viaduct across the valley and a short distance beyond. You will definitely need some food and drink with you, to keep up those energy levels.

A number of routes are possible, one beside Par River and the other staying higher on the hillside (less climb) so please email or phone to discuss.


Bring your own picnic and just buy hot drinks from us, like hot chocolate as treat at the end. We also can supply miner’s food bags.

PACKAGE 6   One Car for 3.5 hours, £35

This choice would suit an individual or group with a special interest to pursue in the library, or around our site, prior to a medium length of walk. For instance, those who love everything to do with trucks, tracks and railways. Your walk will concentrate on one or more of the inclined planes to Ponts Mill and a further walk beside the GWR railway line today.


Buy a family membership to get one visit like this, for free. And price reductions on other purchases in future.

PACKAGE 7 One Car for 4 hours, £40

If you have a good level of fitness and are determined to get the most from a long visit, this could work well for you. Select your main areas of interest, spend up to 2 hours at the centre and follow with a walk that may be a combination of 2 Episodes of stories together e.g. Granite, China Stone and Clay with trucks, tracks and railways.


This is a great price in itself, available because you take responsibility for your own navigation and story telling. If you think you would be better with a personal guide for half a day prices begin at £85.

PACKAGE 8   Larger groups/ Longer times, POA

This will be an entirely bespoke package, for e.g. a Scout Group, a Local History organisation or someone opting for green energy in their own self-build project.

It is also possible to book and use the site with all the facilities, for a private booking of your own.

Simply email or call the number shown above to discuss.


Hire of the large classroom or library for a morning, afternoon or twilight meeting starts from £30. 20% reduction for Members.

PACKAGE 9    History comes to you, from £35

Sessions of stories, for a school, church or charity. Show a Story Walk as a public or private Power Point presentation, with sound tracks.


of £35 small school membership for the year, to receive both the weekly Green Friday Blog and a chosen Story Walk to share, or A Climate Ceremony programme. The licence is to share these materials in a ‘film show’ scenario, to all classes of a school or sub-groups of an organisation.

PACKAGE 10  Business use of audio & books, from £50

In this package, your business orders a set of materials, which can be personalised in design and you pay a licence fee to give the stories to guests, either in print or as a projected ‘show’.


of £50 for a first Winter period licence. This gives you a Story Walk Adventure to print and/or share via guest phones, for the visitors you are hosting in your hotel or B n B.

Higher prices for summer period, and/or extra print copies, professionally designed & made with logo and name.

PACKAGE 11    Climate expert or author comes to you, POA

Expert Visits to your centre or event, for any interested community organisation, e.g. a business hoping to go greener, a local history group showing a ‘Story Walk’ and keen to meet the author in person.


Buy an annual membership or a licence first, to obtain the lowest charge for a visit.


Buy an annual membership or a licence first, to obtain the lowest charge for any visit.

Plan a visit:

Plan a visit:

Please as a first step, complete and submit the Enquiry form. If anything is unclear, call Caroline to discuss your requirements – 07967 653346.

Packages interested in:

OPTION 1 – is £5 per vehicle (up to 7 people) for 3 hours.


OPTION 2 – add £7.50 to take out a pre-prepared waterproof folder of a story book with extra walk and picture pages. The fee is a refundable deposit, or may be put towards purchase of a pack in future, paying a further £5.

OPTION 3a – depending on the experience of your expert/guide, add between £20 and £40 per hour for interactive experiences at the centre.

OPTION 3b – add further time with your guide, on a walk.

Your best Options will be decided through email &/or phone interactions, when we receive your Enquiry Form.

FOOD£5 for each paper bag and accompanying drink. https://themeadowbarns.co.uk/product/food-bag/

HIRE of SHED & SITE – £40 for up to 3 hours

OVERNIGHT BOOKINGS – As a guide, prices are usually per person, & for those who bring their own bedding and book a whole week, they start from as little as £18 per night (Cow Shed) or £28 (Cottage), paid by BACS.

Please call or send an email cjs@betterways2learn.co.uk

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