Green Campaigns

When you come to a show or read the book of Treffry, each ‘episode’ will end by posing the question ‘What would Treffry do if he were alive today, to help us achieve the 2030 Carbon Neutral target set by Cornwall Council?’ We call these our flights of fancy, in the full knowledge that half of the ideas will probably be proved un-workable. But that doesn’t concern us. We simply want to push forward, making more people aware and getting them engaged.

Episode 1 is about the Fowey area, looking at farming practices, including seaweed, and use of redundant reservoirs for hydro.

Episode 2 concentrates on Luxulyan Valley leat system, where between 2006 – 2016, though not many people are aware of it, a modern turbine system generated approaching £150,000 worth of electric that was sold to the grid. Hydro is the most obvious of Treffry’s legacies to explore.

Episode 3 is about Par Harbour and the wider clay industry, with main attention to converting waste into innovative building materials.

Episode 4 looks at our redundant mine shafts and explores their possible role in energy storage.

Episode 5 looks at granite and other kinds of rocks, including lithium for batteries and geothermal hot rocks at Eden. The Meadow Barns is a location for monitoring the seismic activity of the hot rocks project.

Episode 6 sums up what has gone before and considers the really exciting possibilities for hydrogen trains, the parallels between Cornwall and the Orkneys, where green energy is forging ahead, and ends by flying a kite!

Our aim is to have a dedicated fund raising account set up shortly, and a facility for signing up as a supporter. In the mean time, there are donation boxes at the centre. Please bring some notes, if you would like to contribute.

One final point As more and more local supporters sign up, we will be working together to finalise a Green Campaign document. One of the first issues to tackle is the car journeys into Luxulyan Valley. Sat Nav systems are creating havoc, directing tourists to use our lanes as best route East to West in this part of the county. Many strategies are under consideration, with alternative car park provisions being offered. The concept of ‘Green Corridors’ is being explored, leaving cars near to main roads and taking to electric bikes or scooters. As the new post Brexit DEFRA regulations come into force (Environmental Land Management Scheme), there is a glimmer of hope that funding could support such an innovative scheme.

Hydro – our least explored, most exciting possibility

To get involved

Book your visit to the History Centre and talk to Caroline in person. Or call her on 07967 653346.