Day Visits

There’s a very warm welcome here when you come for a day out with family and friends, or with your community group or school/college party; each visit will be different and unique.


Your entrance fee pays for a vehicle on site, for a maximum of 6 hours. It is the same price for 1 person driving, or bringing up to 6 more passengers e.g. little ones in a people carrier. We hope this will encourage everyone to fill their vehicles, as car sharing is good for the planet!

Arrangements for larger groups, in one or more mini-buses, are set out under Education.

The normal timetable of clue spotting and challenges requires you to spend most of the day outdoors. Only on a very cold or wet day will you be offered the comfort of a big open fire in the shed! So please be sure you bring multiple layers of clothing, strong waterproof gloves and footwear, suitable for clambering up banks and over uneven ground. All of those should ensure you cope well, no matter what the Cornish weather throws at you. If they don’t get used and stay in the boot of your car, nobody will mind. But if you forget to bring them, that is likely to be the very day you will end up cold or wet! Or, in summer, burned by wind and sun.

Most groups spend their afternoon exploring paths on foot, in Luxulyan Valley. A detailed pack of maps and pictures is provided, and your story teller will go with you for the first stage (10 to 15 minutes), then will be available at the end of a phone, for questions or emergency call out. If you would prefer a story teller/guide with you on the walk, you can add that option when you book.

Sufficient intake of food is a must before and during the walk, especially if you have young children in the group. It is fine for you to bring your own refreshments and on a nice day you can enjoy a picnic sitting on the wildflower banks looking at Par Bay. Lovely!

But in winter with the Miners’ Shed cafe in action, there will be stories by the big fire and you could buy some of the traditional hot foods – book directly at

More details and all the links you need are in the Bookings section.

MINERS’ SHED CAFE – food bags

Miner’s pasty – pork, vegs or vegan
Sweet morsels, warmed in the AGA
saffron bun, figgy ‘obbin & hevva cake


As mentioned above, a day visit is tailored to the ages and fitness levels of the participants. 4 and 5 year olds have proved fantastic Adventurers, but so too have grans and grandads!

A pause between the action, listening to stories

A distraction for little ones, hunting wild flowers and bees

Should you have any questions about this, or anything else that is unclear, before booking, please check the other Green info sections of the website or simply email

Sincere thanks to the Treffry family, Kresen Kernow centre and the many other sources of information we have consulted. We all share the hope that visitors will remember the name Treffry & his achievements, long after they depart!

The viaduct in 1840s

Our version of viaduct & wheel

1840 tithe map shows the Penpell hamlet & the leat
The 2nd water wheel used in the valley – late 1800s

Wheels for china stone grinding

NB Historic England website gives fuller detail on Treffry buildings and why they have special, listed status.

Half Term @ The Meadowbarns
For a greener Halloween

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