Climate Events 2023


In times gone by, almost everyone would have celebrated Harvest in the late summer or autumn. Their ceremonies were often non-religious, and included a good deal of carousing – drinking, eating and dancing! In a more sober mode, church congregations would still be encouraged to sing their hearts out, saying thank you for crops safely gathered in.

This October 2023 will see us celebrate our new-style Harvest Ceremony 4 Climate Hope, in a number of projects with schools and communities. The image below demonstrates the main content of workshops and performances, all about Climate Change and the responses we see from our farmers and growers. There is so much to enjoy: – history, science, cooking, sewing, singing, dancing, 2 competitions and more. We also have a small number of scholarships available, for families that are recommended by our nearest schools.

Here is how the programme is shaping up for the OUT OF SCHOOL week in October half term, in LOSTWITHIEL, between the 23rd and 27th. To find out more details and book in, please use this Eventbrite link

To get a wider understanding you might like to watch the films on YouTube and look at some pictures from the March ceremony, in Lanlivery. Key elements, which will always be to the fore are colour, sound, movement and ceremonial, modelled on the Olympic Opening of 2012. We will be visiting farms and shops, gathering and carrying back produce (vegs and fruits) and planning a Final Friday Feast for the Community Cafe. In the Ceremony a few prize-winning fruits and vegs will have candles in them, which will be lit and then the light shared, with various pledges made.

Lanlivery,Cornwall, 30th March 2023, with the Bishop of Truro in attendance. Making a climate pledge promise on behalf of animals. This was an invitation only event, but if you visit our YouTube channel you can find out the whole journey of devising and delivering, with the wonderfully positive Bishop Philip of Truro in attendance.

LAST but not LEAST – a list of reasons to join in, from various sources, as summed up by a teacher and musician: –

Please advise anyone in a school of all these key points

  • the urgent importance of age-appropriate teaching and learning about climate change
  • the value of learning activities that help to see the wider picture – background, history and chronology of how we have polluted our planet (climatology)
  • a ready-made assembly, or performance to offer governors and families
  • also potential to involve the wider local community and church, if applicable
  • the OFSTED value-added of this project and of finding a buddy school in another country
  • the skill and experience of an educator, musician and green build project manager at the helm
  • the philosophy and outdoor learning of Meadow Barns Centre, countering climate anxiety
  • the resources, songs and music are a direct and memorable way to engage both pupils and staff
  • the catchy tunes and words reinforce pupils’ learning and enhance understanding of the process
  • easily useable by non musical colleagues
  • pupils can quickly learn the words and songs thus enhancing their own learning and understanding
  • the resource pack is great fun and will promote discussion and understanding in a stimulating way
  • time saving and easy to use for colleagues and pupils
  • a resource pack that every school should have