Hand sanitisation area and toilet
Socially distanced waiting area
Socially distanced tables and seats
Outdoor seating, for singers/performers

During lock-down, in spring 2020, we took time to amend our plans, to accommodate groups of up to 6 people outdoors, or in regulated indoor spaces. This entailed upgrading all of the varied, multi-function spaces at Meadow Barns. First we made a dedicated and spacious hand sanitisation centre and socially distanced waiting area.

Then we installed socially distanced tables and seating in the covered shed, with a carefully planned sequence for serving hot or cold drinks, without danger of spreading infection. We wear masks or visors and gloves, as requested to reassure visitors and ensure thorough cleaning between visits.

With regard to overnight visitors, the care taken is equally thoughtful. But those who wish to stay must take responsibility for advising of their own needs well in advance and be respectful of others. Select B&B or self-catering accommodation, or – if you want to get creative, book an indoor workshop space or the outdoor amphi-theatre. Whatever your needs, we look forward to meeting you and will make sure you get the most from your visit.

2020 prices

Overnight B & B
£70 per night for 2 guests.
£60 per night for single occupancy.
Overnight self catering, from £25 per night per person.

History visits, see History page.

Safe singing sessions – donations per person, according to your circumstances but if possible make a total price of approx £40 for a 2 hour visit. Bring your own cushions and picnic, and clean thoroughly before you leave.

Other Creative Projects are individually priced.

Make a Booking

Booking is easy at the Meadow Barns. Either complete this enquiries form or speak to Caroline on the number below.

+44 7967 653346