Plan a visit:

Plan a visit:

Please as a first step, complete and submit the Enquiry form. If anything is unclear, call Caroline to discuss your requirements – 07967 653346.


Complete this section for Day Visits; other enquiries see below

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We are limited to 6 visitor vehicles on-site, of which up to 2 can be mini-busses. 
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To design a bespoke package we need to know about age range across the group, prior knowledge, special needs, allergies/ dietary requirements if you want to purchase food and any other outstanding requirements. Please write a few words on each.


are welcome on all walks, kept on a lead. At the Centre please keep them in your car, unless it is forecast to be very hot, when a suitable shelter may be possible. Please phone to discuss.


is usually a combination of stories, on-site activities and a walk. More details in the Visit-us sections. We advise you should start with a) and follow down the list in future visits.

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Length of visit

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  • OPTION 1: Read on your own and take pictures of stories on your phone. (5GBP)
  • OPTION 2: We’ll prepare a folder of stories and maps. And you pay a deposit (7.5GBP) to borrow that.
  • OPTION 3a A more active way, joining in and a bit of play. For this, you’ll need an expert by your side. Your very own story-teller and guide. (starts from 25GBP per hour)


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Length of time on a walk

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indicate if a.m. or p.m. or whole day …


Tell us your limit and we will design a visit accordingly. Keep costs low by car-sharing and bringing own tea or coffee bags & food. Each miner’s food bag & drink costs £5.

Other enquiries

e.g. hire of classroom, overnight accommodation, purchase of books etc.

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Please call Caroline on 07967 653346

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We aim to prepare you a bespoke package and email back for approval, within 3 working days. If you don’t see it, please check your Junk folder!

OPTION 1 – is £5 per vehicle (up to 7 people) for 3 hours.


OPTION 2 – add £7.50 to take out a pre-prepared waterproof folder of a story book with extra walk and picture pages. The fee is a refundable deposit, or may be put towards purchase of a pack in future, paying a further £5.

OPTION 3a – depending on the experience of your expert/guide, add between £20 and £40 per hour for interactive experiences at the centre.

OPTION 3b – add further time with your guide, on a walk.

Your best Options will be decided through email &/or phone interactions, when we receive your Enquiry Form.

FOOD£5 for each paper bag and accompanying drink.

HIRE of SHED & SITE – £40 for up to 3 hours

OVERNIGHT BOOKINGS – As a guide, prices are usually per person, & for those who bring their own bedding and book a whole week, they start from as little as £18 per night (Cow Shed) or £28 (Cottage), paid by BACS.

Please call or send an email

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