At the Meadow Barns we have a number of outdoor spaces, carefully planned to help visitors explore history, mining, STEM & green energy topics (STEM = science, technology, engineering and maths). Indoors we focus more on being creative … through music, dance, drama & visual arts. You may choose to get involved by coming to stay, or by booking to join in a whole day woodland walk with mining stories. The stories hark back to early Victorian times & feature our local engineering ‘legend’, Joseph Austen Treffry (see History section). Ten Tales are heard at locations through the Luxulyan Valley and along the Par River. The technical content is explained by Ten Displays at the Meadow Barns, which you’ll have plenty of time to explore at lunchtime, along with your miner’s pasty.

Workshop 1 near the entrance, offers showering, hand washing/loo facilities. There is also a dedicated display of inclined planes and trucks on a tramway.

Workshops 2 and 3 are currently used for storage and admin.

Workshop 4 will open in late spring 2020, as the main Treffry Study Centre/class room. It is modelled on the ‘Drying House for Men’s Clothes’ at Fowey Consols copper mine, as described in tales of 1841. It is also the serving hall for our ‘Miner’s Pasty’ lunches.

Going outside there are 2 areas dedicated to hydro/water wheel technology. These help you learn about types of wheel and the way energy is harnessed from them. And along an opposite wall, you may take up a sledge hammer and test your ability to smash rocks, hunting for copper or tin ore!

Up the hill, the displays concentrate on Treffry’s early life in and around Fowey and the Caffa Mill Quays. If you peer through the patio door of the single storey granite barn you will see costumes on ‘scarecrows’, dressed as various characters in a story .. Treffry, his mother and 2 girl servants. Beyond them is the main barn, equipped for music rehearsal and teaching with grand piano and other instruments.

Finally, there is the Meadow Barns amphitheatre – an area of grassy banks behind a tiered stage, with views to St Austell Bay. Just to the right of the stage, in a covered area, is a giant black board covered with stories and diagrams, plus a set of peg dolls, that illustrate going up and down a mine shaft and designing a viaduct. They match with a larger scale scaffold pole installation, thus showing some of the biggest challenges Treffry set himself.

Booking an experience

Initially send an enquiry email, using the enquiry form or call for a discussion on 07967 653346