Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to welcome overnight guests at our Meadow Barns cottage, The upside-down design provides a complete suite of rooms (The Woodland Suite), plus a Continental style self-service breakfast.

Woodland Suite

The Bedroom

Cosy Book Corner

In the Woodland suite choose either super king arrangement or 2 separate single beds. This room also has a TV corner plus private dressing area and separate corridor, leading to your own bathroom and large hall.

Green Energy

Shower Room

The shower room for Woodland Suite has a really spacious feel, with a number of quirky features, such as the arrow-slit windows and hand-crafted taps in bronze and copper. We’ve used traditional materials like these throughout the house.

Large hall with pellet boiler

In the hall or atrium of the cottage you’ll see an unusual feature of the Woodland Suite – the green energy biomass system. The ‘brain’ of the boiler is programmed to kick in when required, as a top up of our solar PV system. So the boiler will not be busy on sunny days, but has to work more frequently in cold or wet, windy weather. However, the golden glow is really cosy then, so make yourself a hot drink and enjoy!

Food & Drink

Upstairs in the dining area of the cottage, guests find a wide choice of breakfast options, including 2 gluten free cereals, a vegan protein choice and a selection of different smoothies! These are set out as a cold buffet on the worktop. There are 3 possible warm options – breads or croissants from the Everhot oven, a pot of porridge, bubbling on the simmer plate and boiled or poached eggs. Finally, for those who book at least 7 days in advance, we give the opportunity to select your favourite choices, including ingredients to create your own smoothies. All in all, this makes for a welcome variety, and a healthy start to your day!